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We can help you solve your largest fixturing problems

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XTensions are simply an inexpensive modular fixturing for CMMs. They are aluminum extrusions that are used along with the R&R fixtures components for building a setup vertically or creating a support structure to fixture a part. Setup is simple with minimal tools needed to produce a rigid and accurate fixture with unrestricted probe paths.

Extending to new heights

XTensions are available in lengths of up to 60" or longer to accommodate large parts. XTensions can be mounted to a base plate or built as their own structure with bracing and cross supports added depending upon the height of the setup. XTensions can also be used perpendicular to the main XTension supports for additional attachment points. When the structure is no longer needed, the XTensions and components can be reused. Fixture structures are more economical and just as rigid as using large steel base plates for your largest parts.


  • Designed and built just for your parts
  • Turn-key lightweight production fixturing
  • Economical
  • Unrestricted access around the part for better probing
  • Reusable, R&R components and XTensions