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Vision fixtures

Every fixture is made with a precision acrylic base plate that allows for back lighting and a clear, clean look at the part.

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R&R's modular vision fixturing is designed for use with vision systems and multi-sensor machines.  Hold and secure your parts using the acrylic base plates and components with minimum amount of contact or force, increasing your repeatability and reproducibility.  The alpha-numeric plates and labeled components enable the user to set parts up the same way each and every time.

Choose between R&R's two modular fixturing options, each made specifically to fit your machine giving you the ability to hold and inspect virtually anything.

For vision machines 400mm x 400mm or smaller

For vision machines 400mm x 400mm or larger

QuickLoad™ Corner (QLC)

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Switch back and forth between multiple fixture plates using the QuickLoad™ Corner (QLC) fixture.  Attach your plates into place with the QLC's magnet/dowel pin combination engineered into every plate and corner fixture along with a comprehensive set of components for holding all sizes of parts for maximum viewing and probing accessibility around the part without covering up any critical features.  Inspect more parts in shorter lead times using either modular or custom fixturing plates.

Interchangeable Vision Fixture (IVF)

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Using the entire measuring and viewing area of your vision stage, easily switch fixturing plates on and off the Interchangeable Vision Fixture (IVF) aluminum frame mounted to your vision system.  Fixture exchange can be accomplished in a matter of only seconds, eliminating down time and allowing continuous inspection and repeatability on your vision system.  Choose between a combination of modular or custom fixture plates to hold multiple parts at a time on your IVF.

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Choosing modular labeled base plates and components for your QLC or IVF will enable any user to build consistent part setups providing easy identification and documentation, which is especially helpful when there are multiple users or a period of time between setups.  Document setups manually into your software or use FixtureBuilder, our 3D CAD fixture modeling software.

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Our modular components are quick, easy to use and small enough to be arranged within a close circumference of one another to hold, locate and view even the smallest of parts on your QLC/IVF.  Choose from our M4 or 1/4-20 component kits or order seperately to accomodate your application.

With either fixturing option, choose from multi-hole or multi-window modular fixturing plates that can be quickly swapped on & off your stage in a repeatable position each time along with a set of components, either 1/4-20 or M4 thread for holding even your smallest of parts.

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