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Soft tip tension clamp

Rubber coated tips hold parts without scratching or marring the surface of a part.

CTT-160-125-20, CTT-250-275-20, CTT-375-325-20 and CT-4P-325-20* shown in image above

Technical drawing for tension clamps
Part #ThreadHTArm dimensions (AxB)Tip (C)Price
CTT-160-125-20 1/4-20 1.25 1.6" x 0.30" 0.162" $26.00
CTT-160-275-20 1/4-20 2.75 1.6" x 0.30" 0.162" $27.00
CTT-250-275-201/4-202.752.5" x 0.50"0.21"$29.00
CTT-375-325-201/4-203.253.75" x 0.75"0.35"$48.00
CT-4P-325-20*1/4-203.254.125” x .75”0.35"$57.00
CTT-40-30-8M830mm40mm x 7.5mm4mm$27.75
CTT-40-70-8M868mm40mm x 7.5mm4mm$29.75
CTT-64-70-8M868mm63.5mm x 13mm5mm$31.00
CTT-95-83-8M883mm95mm x 19mm9mm$48.00
CT-100P-83-8*M883mm105mm x 19mm9mm$57.00
CTT-40-25-4M421mm40mm x 7.5mm4mm$24.50
*includes a plunger for reaching over the edge of a part to a more rigid surface or to reach over another surface component.

Fixturing examples