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Soft tip spring wire clamp

With rubber coated tips for light clamping of small parts minimizing the contact area on a part and for least possible obstruction on vision machines.

CWT-2-2-20 and CWT-1-1-20 shown in image above

Technical drawing for spring wire clamp
Part #ThreadHTArm dimensions (AxB)Wire DIA (DIA)Price
CWT-1-1-201/4-201.0"1.42" x 0.313"0.06"$28.50
CWT-2-2-20 1/4-20 1.76" 2.4" x 0.313" 0.06" $33.00
CWT-25-25-4 M4 25 mm 40 mm x 8 mm 1.5mm $30.00
CWT-50-50-4M450 mm63 mm x 8 mm0.06"$34.25

Fixturing examples