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Shuttle systems

A perfect fit for a CMM in a production environment with high volume inspections or where the parts are heavy and difficult to load.

When a CMM is on the shop floor it usually has an enclosure around it, which can make it difficult to load parts in and out of the CMM. The shuttle will accurately locate the fixture and part in the same position and bring the fixture closer to the operator to make the loading of parts much easier. With a shuttle system, the part is placed on the fixture and then slides into position.

R&R has engineered three options for moving fixtures in and out or on and off a CMM:

Option 1: slider rail shuttle

R&R Shuttle System Option 1

This rail system is the simplest and least costly of our systems and is great for moving fixtures on and off the CMM. The rails can be mounted directly on to the CMM table or on top of an R&R Fixtures base plate. The rails are made of hard Delrin®. An optional steel backer plate can be added for extra support. There are three stops that position fixtures into a "nest" and if needed, toggle clamps can be added.

Option 2: linear rail shuttle

R&R Shuttle System Option 2

This shuttle system is ideal for moving parts on and off a CMM or moving fixtures/parts in and out of an enclosed CMM. Linear rails provide smooth movement for the top plate. Built-in stops with locking pins allow the plate to be secured in the loading position as well as in the final position on the CMM.

Option 3: multi-fixture shuttle

This shuttle system is intended for multiple fixtures/parts that have a high volume of inspections. It is custom designed to accommodate your CMM and your application. Fixtures are pushed down the shuttle and once in position they are located onto pins for precise location. It can handle as many fixtures as your application calls for. Fixtures are moved off the CMM into individual stations outside of the CMM. The basic system is operated manually with the fixtures being moved in and out by hand as the fixture glides down the shuttle. Another option is to add servos and actuators to move fixtures in and out by the push of a button.