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Rotational angle vise

Enhance the viewing capacity of your comparator by 360°.

R&R Rotational angle vise provides quick, convenient staging for a variety of your parts and can be mounted directly on the rails of your comparator by use of dovetail/jam nuts.* This vise will permit your parts to be accurately held in a definite alignment while the part you are measuring can be extended into the beam of light path.  The vise is designed to rotate 360° and includes 15° machined graduations on the base.  Jaws open to a maximum of 1.25" making it an easy and convenient way to fixture your parts.  The standard jaws are of steel construction but aluminum jaws are an available option.

Rotate the vise in two different axes to provide a means of bringing features with compound angles to the sight line of the optical sensor axis.

*Contact R&R for further information regarding dovetail/jam nuts.

CRAV at 45°
CRAV Mechanical drawing-2018
  • Vise can pivot from 0 to 90° to allow a part to be inspected without refixturing it.
  • Dowel holes and pins are designed and included in the top face of each jaw, which can then be used to hold parts from the outside or inside of a part to allow maximum viewing.
  • Four M4 threaded holes on the top of each jaw allow M4 components to be used for fixturing parts as well
  • Economical and very versatile

Part #:  CRAV


Fixturing examples

  • CRAV at 0
  • CRAV at 15
  • CRAV at 30
  • CRAV at 45
  • CRAV at 60
  • CRAV at 75
  • CRAV at 90
  • CRAV image
  • CRAV
  • CRAV image 3

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