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QuickLoad™ Corner

No other fixture can give you a clearer probe path for complete access of your parts.

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R&R's QuickLoad™ Corner (QLC) aluminum frame is designed to fit any machine you have. Give us your make and model number and we will design a frame that fits directly onto the stage within the viewing area of your machine. Acrylic fixture plates are available to fit every QLC with either a multi-hole or multi-window threaded hole pattern containing M4 (10mm on center) or 1/4-20 threaded holes (.50" on center).

Easy lock and load

Easy lock and load

Magnets/dowel pins are designed into each QLC to connect to the dowel/magnets in the plate for a quick and easy lock and load of the fixture plate into the corner position each and every time.

Multiple fixture plates save time

Multiple fixture plates

Whether you're checking prototype parts or production parts there is virtually no more down time.  While one plate is running another can be set up - loading them on and off within seconds.  Choose between two plate hole options and a number of plate sizes to accomodate your QLC.

Size matters


QLC frames will vary in size depending on the stage and mounting hole locations.  They are made to fit and mount to the lower left hand corner of the stage.  However, QLC's can also be custom made to mount to the lower right hand side of the stage if preferred.  For more flexibility serrations are added to the edge of every QLC so parts can also be inspected by laying them on the stage, mounting them directly against these serrations and held in place using the R&R Fixtures components.

Maintain consistent fixturing

Fixturing examples