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Pivot t-nut

For fastening components or XTension connectors.

Part #ThreadPrice
XT-PT-Nut 1/4-20 $7.20
R&R pivot T-nut 

How it works

A pivot nut is used to add a component or connector between other components or XTensions.

  • R&R pivot T-nut 1

    1. Rotate pivot nut into slot of XTension.

  • R&R pivot T-nut 2

    2. Use hex wrench to hold nut in slot (if vertical) then screw component into the nut.

  • R&R pivot T-nut 3

    3. Once component is in desired position tighten completely and then tighten set screw.

A pivot nut is also used so that the component can be removed, if needed.

  • R&R pivot T-nut 4

    1. A removable label can be placed next to the nut for future reference.

  • R&R pivot T-nut 5

    2. Once the nut is secured into the XTension slot, the component can be removed.