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Optical comparator fixture kit

Fixturing was never this easy... enhance the viewing capacity of your comparator.

The R&R Optical comparator fixture kit includes a fixture base plate and set of components that can be mounted directly onto the rails of your comparator by use of dovetail/jam nuts.*

The base plate and components will allow your parts to be accurately held in a definite alignment while the parts you are measuring can be extended into the light path of your comparator.  The alpha-numeric plate and labeled components will allow the user to set parts up the same way each and every time.

*Dovetail/jam nuts not included. Contact R&R or machine manufacturer for additional information.

Comparator Fixturing Kit

1Fixture plate.50" x 12" x  5" cast aluminum base plate with (145) 1/4-20 threaded holes .50" on center with a protective NiTuff hard coat anodize coating
2M-75-20.75" dia. x 1.0" magnet
3 S-5075-20.50" dia. x .75" standoff
3 S-501-20.50" dia. x 1.0" standoff
2 S-502-20.50" dia. x 2.0" standoff
3 S-7575-20.75" dia. x .75" standoff
3 S-751-20.75" dia. x 1.0" standoff
2 S-752-20.75" dia. x 2.0" standoff
2 CT-160-275-201.6" tension clamp with 2.75" post
2 CT-250-275-202.5" tension clamp with 2.75" post
4 RPS-20steel resting pin
2 T-16-201.0" sq. x 6" tower (1 row, 4 sides) with 1/4-20 thread
1 AJ-50-20.50" dia. adjustable jack stand
2 AS-3-203.0" long adjustable slide
1 XT-Boxorganizer box
  • Holds any type of part - ferrous or nonferrous
  • Fixture plate mounts directly to rail via dovetail/jam nuts
  • Economical and very versatile
  • Takes only a matter of minutes to fixture a part

Part #:  FSOC-A-20


Fixturing examples

Please be sure to check out our Rotational angle vise as well as other components available to see how we make fixturing easy for you.