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Micro vise clamp

Ideal for holding parts horizontally or vertically with minimum contact on the part. Jaws are made with a V notch in both directions for holding cylindrical and tubular parts as well. Sold with or without base.

With base

Part #ThreadHTWidth (A)Depth (B)ADJSlot (C)Price 
CVM-20 1/4-20 1.01" 1.45" 0.40" 0.50" $115.00 
CVM-B-20 (with base) 1/4-20 1.35" 2.75" 0.75" 0.50" 1.50" $145.00 
CVM-4 M4 28mm 37mm 10mm 13mm $115.00 
CVM-B-4 (with base)M4 35mm 50mm 16mm 13mm 22mm $145.00 

Fixturing examples