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Metrology fixturing table

An affordable way to hold your inspection equipment and parts.

No matter the shape, size or type of part, the R&R metrology table offers the flexibility for fixturing a part with the use of any portable CMM, white light or laser system.

R&R metrology tables are available in various standard sizes offering a lightweight and robust work holding station which can securely hold inspection equipment and parts. Metrology tables can now be ordered with additional design features such as laptop/monitor stands which can be mounted to the table. They can also be fully customized with drawers or shelves enabling storage of fixturing component and tools, based on a customer's specifications.

The table top is created using a cast aluminum base plate which is supported with rigid, aluminum XTension legs that can withstand large parts and heavy weight loads. The table's modular and rigid construction provides a place to mount a portable CMM and to fixture parts at one low cost. The fixturing plate can also be ordered with black anodize finish to minimize reflections from optical work surfaces.

Metrology fixturing table

The hole advantage

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 If you are checking large, robust parts choose from either our M8 (15mm/30mm oc) or M12 (50mm oc) threaded hole pattern options.  Our 1/4-20 hole pattern works nicely for all other parts.  More holes on the fixture plate allows you more flexibility and increases component location possibilities.

Stability you can count on

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Every fixture plate is mounted to the metrology table with use of mounting holes for added stability and rigidness giving every table the ability to take on heavy parts without flexing or distorting the table.  The size of your table determines how many mounting holes are added to the fixturing plate.

Precision labeled holes

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 The fixture plate is precision ground within tight tolerances and key to the accuracy of the R&R modular fixturing system.  Made with a hard coat anodize to resist scratching and increase durability, the plate comes standard with an alpha-numerical grid pattern labeled on all four sides for documenting each fixture created.

Fixturing components

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Fixture your parts using individual R&R fixturing components or those from a kit.  R&R continues to engineer and design new and innovating components to help you make fixturing parts as efficient as possible.

Move around

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The R&R metrology table gives you the ability to move completely around the table to measure a part - and can be ordered with casters for greater flexibility and movement.  Each table comes standard with leveling feet for table height ajdustment making it an economical way to hold and fixture large parts.

No down time

Fixture table for CMM page - shipping

Our metrology tables come fully assembled so you can use it upon delivery.  Just uncrate and start measuring's that easy!

Standard table sizes:

  • 48" (width) x 36" (length) x 36" (height) with 1/4-20 threaded holes 1" on center including leveling glides
  • 72" (width) x 48" (length) x 36" (height) with 1/4-20 threaded holes 1" on center including leveling glides
  • Custom sizes available upon request