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M4 CMM clamping kit

A comprehensive kit ideal for holding parts that fit in a 3" x 3" cube.

Used for holding aluminum, plastic, brass, titanium and other nonferrous parts.

To select a kit, choose a base plate and a component set.  A kit includes component set A and one base plate with M4 threaded holes 10mm on center (choose from plate sizes listed). To determine the part number for the desired kit, select a base plate size and a component set.

Example: A M4 clamping kit with a 13mm x 150mm x 150mm plate with component set A is part # KC-C1A-4.

Kits with component set A

R&R M4 CMM Clamping Kit A 

Plate choices:

Base Plate SizeSetPart #Price
13mm x 150mm x 150mmKC-C1A-4 $971
13mm x 300mm x 300mm KC-C2A-4 $1,370


QTYPart #Description
S-610-46mm dia. x 10mm standoff 
S-625-4*6mm dia. x 25mm standoff 
S-95-4*9mm dia. x 5mm standoff 
S-910-4 9mm dia. x 10mm standoff 
S-925-4 9mm dia. x 25mm standoff 
S-950-4 9mm dia. x 50mm standoff 
S-1210-4 12mm dia. x 10mm standoff 
S-1225-4 12mm dia. x 25mm standoff 
S-1250-4 12mm dia. x 50mm standoff 
SP-610-4 6mm dia. x 10mm pin standoff 
SP-910-4 9mm dia. x 10mm pin standoff 
CT-40-25-4 40mm tension clamp with 25mm post w/ M4 thread 
CW-25-25-4 25mm wire clamp with 25mm post 
CW-50-50-4 50mm wire clamp with 50mm post 
RPA-4 Aluminum resting pin 
AJ-9-4 9mm dia. adjustable jack stand 
AS-30-4 30mm long adjustable slide 
XT-Box Organizer box