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Interchangeable Vision Fixture

Quickly swap between multiple base plates to increase your machines productivity and repeatablilty.

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Our interchangeable vision fixture is ideal for machines 400 x 400 or larger because subplates can be designed to use all, 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 of the frame's total size. If need be, the glass on your stage can still be easily used just by pulling each subplate up by its handles.

Our anodize aluminum (black oxide finish optional) frame is made to fit your specific vision machine. It is usually the size of the stage (allowing for the mounting of your probe rack and calibration artefacts, as needed). Subplates load into the frame in a repeatable position each time.

Interchangeable subplates can be modular with M4 or 1/4-20 threaded holes (10mm or 1/2" on center) or we can design and build a custom fixture for your parts. A combination of both modular and custom subplates can be made to fit the same frame, allowing you the most flexibility.

Benefits of IVF:

  • Load and unload subplates within seconds
  • Flexibility of both modular and custom
  • Additional time-saving subplates allow for increased productivity
  • Ideal for multiple users
  • Easy & efficient turnkey fixturing

Fixturing examples