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FixtureBuilder creates R&R fixture setups for documenting and creating off-line programming.

FixtureBuilder Modular Fixture screenshot

FixtureBuilder is our 3D fixture modelling software that is integrated with the CAD software from IronCad. It is used for documenting R&R Fixture setups and also enables offline programming of the fixture.

FixtureBuilder can be used to document fixture setups with or without a CAD model. Your part's CAD file can be imported into FixtureBuilder so that it can be positioned onto the setup. Then the entire setup, along with your part, can be exported into your software.  

FixtureBuilder creates professional looking documents for your customers and managers.  Click here to learn more.
Fixture Builder Build It! list layout

Build your fixture setup

FixtureBuilder Clamps Catalog

Select your specific R&R base plate then simply drag and snap components from the tabbed catalogs onto the plate into the desired positions.

All standard base plates and components are organized into convenient tabbed catalogs grouped by thread size.

Drag and snap

FixtureBuilder software - drag and drop functionality (example 2)

As components are moved out onto the base plate, IronCad's SmartSnap® technology automatically aligns the component while indicating the hold position on the plate as well as the X, Y and Z coordinates.

TriBall movement

FixtureBuilder TriBall feature

The TriBall is a feature within FixtureBuilder that allows for the quick manipulation of parts within the working environment.  Parts can be moved and rotated about the X,Y and Z axis with the left mouse button.

Mechanism mode

Mechanism Mode button - FB

Mechanism mode allows you to manipulate fixturing components to move as they would in real life.  Simply click and drag on the adjustable part of the fixturing component.  It is commonly used for assigning clamps to a part and pushing adjustable slide bases into position.

Build It! button

Fixture Build It! button icon

Upon completion of the fixture if you click on the "Build It!" button an HTML document will be launched with build intructions, images of the fixture and a bill of materials. The document can then be printed or saved as a PDF depending on user neccessity.

Exporting the fixture

FixtureBuilder Export Part toolbar button

Exports of the fixture can be configured in a number of different formats which can then be used for offline programming.  It is also possible to export the fixture seperate to the part.

File Formats

FixtureBuilder file formats

FixtureBuilder supports the most common CAD formats including IGES, SAT, STEP, PRO/E and CATIA which are also available as an add-on module.

FixtureBuilder software

Fixturing examples

If you need assistance with your FixtureBuilder software click the link below for our Quick Start Guide and support contact information on our FixtureBuilder support page.  Tutorials and videos coming soon!