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Custom fixtures

Not every part is created equal.

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Our in-house engineering staff will design a fixture for you from concept to build.

Our experience with CMM probing systems enable us to design and build fixtures that will allow for probe clearances and accessing the part in the most efficient way without over-fixturing the part.

We consider:

  • How a part is being checked using a CMM's touch probe
  • Frequency of the Inspections
  • The part's material, size and shape
  • Dimensions & Tolerances of the part
  • Orientation of the part

For quoting and technical assistance on specialized fixtures, simply send us your pictures, parts, prints or CAD files for us to review.

We can design and build fixtures to hold a single part or multiple parts at one time.

If the weight of fixturing is an issue, we can design and build fixtures with our aluminum XTensions to create a lightweight fixture structure.

Custom fixture examples