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R&R Fixtures Components Grouping

We have a large selection of modular precision fixturing components available for your CMM, vision system or multi-sensor machine application.

New products

We are continuously adding and improving components to make our fixturing more versatile and flexible.

Choose between four thread sizes

Thread Size dots

M4 - Ideal for fixturing small, intricate parts

1/4-20 - Ideal for fixturing everything in between

M8 - Ideal for fixturing large, robust parts

M-12 - Ideal for very large, heavy parts

Labeled components for easy ID

Labeled components for easy ID

Eliminate operator error by making your fixture documenting instructions easy with the use of our laser etched components.  Threre is no guessing what may have been used and what needs to be used to set a fixture up.  Everyone will be able to set the fixture up using the same components in the same position.

New Components

Rotational Angle Vise 2017 (2)

We offer the largest selection of fixturing components and are continuously adding to our selection giving you even greater fixturing options to hold your parts in any orientation needed. 

Rotational angle vise

Adjustable components

Adjustable components

Eliminate or reduce the need for machining a precision component or detail with the use of R&R's adjustable components for holding a part at a specific point or location.  No more waiting for a holding fixture to be made for inspection of your parts.

Minimum contact

Minimum contact

Hold your parts with the minimum contact force necessary to avoid damage or distortion on a part, and gain as much clearance access possible on and around your part using your probe head.  Programming of the fixture is even easier with less obstructions.

Use minimum hand tools

component directive on vision plate

By being able to hand tighten threaded components directly into the plate, very few hand tools are needed which can save valuable time.  It is just that instructions necessary.