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CMM plates

The HOLE advantage.

Multiple threaded holes on the R&R Fixture base plate help increase the flexibility of your fixture.

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Our base plates have been engineered out of cast aluminum with a hard coat anodize coating called Ni-Tuff™.  With its Teflon makeup and extra penetration of the hard coat it has proven to be more duarable and resist scratches.  Base plates can also be made of steel with a black oxide finish.

Largest selection of plates

Largest selection of plates - CMM plates page

Choose from plates 6" x 6" (150mm x 150mm) up to 60" x 120" (1500mm x 3000mm) in a single fixture plate.  No other fixturing company can produce plates this large.  Custom plates to fit your application and CMM are available at no extra charge.

Size matters 

Thread Size dots

Depending on your CMM, your application and parts you can choose a thread size that works best for you.  Keep in mind that plates with a smaller thread size will have more holes and a tighter proximity to one another giving you more flexibility to hold and position your parts in a small circumference.

Error proof your fixturing

Error proof your fixturing - CMM Plates page

By using the R&R Fixtures alpha numerical grid pattern that comes on all four sides of each plate you can document and record your fixturing setup into your program, then repeat it time and time again using the same components in the same locations.  Document manually or with R&R's FixtureBuilder 3D CAD modeling software.

Easy installation

Easy Installation - CMM Plate Page - web

 Mounting holes are included for attaching the R&R Fixture base plate to your CMM.  A drawing will be provided from R&R showing the exact location of the plate on your specific CMM as well as the mounting hole positions.  It doesn't get any easier.