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Choosing the right kit

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When choosing which R&R fixture kit you need, ask yourself these few questions:

What size of vision base plate do I need?

Vision machine

For vision machines 400mm x 400mm or smaller = QLC

For vision machines 400mm x 400mm or larger = IVF

Know the make and model number of your vision system and if you have a probe rack or calibration artifact on your machine. Cover your entire measuring range with a fixture plate to inspect the maximum size and number of parts needed.

Do I need mounting holes?

R&R makes insallation easy by providing a drawing showing the exact location of your QLC or IVF on your specific machine and the location of the mounting holes.

QLC 2 with arrowsIVF mounting holes

What thread size is best for my application?

Vision kit


M4 - Ideal for small, intricate parts that fit in 75mm x 75mm cube

1/4-20 - Ideal for parts larger than 75mm x 75mm cube

How will you document your setups?

FixtureBuilder for vision kit


 R&R's FixtureBuilder software can be used to record setups with a click of the mouse, and can be added for an additional charge.  Setups can also be recorded into your software manually.

How many components will I need?

Kits with Set A hold 1-4 parts at a time and work great with a smaller fixture.

Vision fixturing exampleVision fixturing example

Kits with Set B hold 1-5 parts at a time and is ideal for all fixtures.

Component set BVision fixturing example using an IVF
Components can also be purchased separately.