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Choosing the right kit

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We will help you get the correct fixturing right from the start. For increased productivity, better return on investment and faster machine paybacks.

What size fixture base plate do you need?

plate size - web

Know the make and model of your CMM.  Is there a probe rack or calibration sphere on your machine?  Do you want the base plate to fill the measuring range of your CMM?  Covering the entire measuring range with a fixture plate gives you the capacity to inspect the maximum size and number of parts.

Are mounting holes needed to secure the fixture to your machine?

Mounting holes - web

R&R makes installation easy by providing a drawing showing the exact location of your fixture plate on your specific CMM and the location of the mounting holes.

How will you document your setups?

Recording setups

R&R's FixtureBuilder software can be used to record setups with a click of the mouse and can be added for an additional charge.  Setups can also be recorded into your software manually.

What thread size is best for my application?

Thread Size dots


M4         For small, intricate parts

1/4-20   For everything in between

M8         For large , robust parts

M12       For very large, heavy parts

What types of parts/material will you be checking?

Fixturing kits - web

 Choose a kit based on the type of parts you will be measuring.  The advantage to modular fixturing kits are that you may not inspect the same parts today as you will be in the future, however, you will still be able to use the same fixturing components - just reconfigured in a new way.

If holding steel, cast iron, sheet metal, aluminum, plastic, ferrous and other nonferrous parts a Magnetic & Clamping CMM kit is recommended.

If holding aluminum, plastic, brass, titanium and other nonferrous parts a Clamping CMM kit is recommended.

How many components will you need?


Components for web - fixture table

Choose a component set based on the number of parts you wish to fixture at one time.

Set A:  holds 1 - 3 parts at a time and works great with smaller fixtures.

Set B:  holds 1-5 parts at a time and is ideal for most parts.

Set C:  holds multiple parts and is good for larger parts and base plates or for holding parts vertically.

Components can also be purchased separately.