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Additional components

R&R Fixtures has the largest selection of components - but we have found these work exceptionally well with our Optical comparator fixtures.

Adjustable angle plate

For holding components on any angle.  The angle is adjustable to 180 degrees and can be set into fixed positions vertically or horizontally.

Part #THDHTWidth (A)Depth (B)AdjPrice
 PCA-5023-50-201/4-201.0"  3.0"2.0"  0-180°$154.00 


For holding cylindrical parts at each end on their inside diameters.

  • R&R centers
  • Technical drawing for centres
Part #ThreadDIAHTWidth (A)Depth (B)Pin Height (C)ADJ (ADJ)Price
CC-6-251/4-20 / M40.25" / 6mm1.10" / 28mm0.875" / 22mm2.0" / 50mm20mm16mm$184.00
CC-13-501/4-20 / M8 / M40.50" / 13mm1.48" / 38mm1.5" / 38mm2.5" / 64mm25mm38mm$220.00
CC-25-11/4-20 / M8 / M41.0" / 25mm2.13" / 54mm2.0" / 50mm2.0" / 50mm35mm50mm$268.00

Mini Vise

For clamping a small area of a part.  Vise can be rotated 360 degrees and then locked into position.

  • R&R mini vise
  • Technical drawing for mini vice
Part #ThreadHTWidth (B)Depth (A)ADJPrice


To hold a part vertically.

Part #ThreadHTBase (A x B)Tower (C)Threaded rows (D)Price
T-16-201/4-206.0"5.0" x 1.0"1.0"1$130.50
T-112-201/4-2012.0"5.0" x 1.0"1.0"1$167.50

Fixturing examples

Please be sure to check out our Rotational angle vise, Optical comparator vertical fixture and even more fixturing component options to see how we make fixturing easy for you.