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3-jaw clamp

For holding round parts at one end or in the middle, allowing the probe to measure or scan completely around the part without interference. The 3-jaw clamp can be mounted to a base plate without interference in a vertical or horizontal position. The standard aluminum jaws allow parts to be clamped from the outside of the part, or can be turned around to clamp from the inside of the part depending on your fixturing needs, accommodating 0.06" (1.5mm) to 2.63" (66mm) dia.

  • R&R 3-jaw clamp
  • Technical drawing for 3-jaw clamp
Part #ThreadHTWidth (A)Depth (B)ADJ (ADJ)To center (C)Price
CJ-3 1/4-20 / M8 5.0" / 127mm 7.0" / 178mm 2.0" / 50mm 0.06-2.63" / 1.5-66mm 70mm $367.50 

Optional Delrin jaws are available for non-marring clamping.

Included: sockethead cap screws.

Fixturing examples