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1/4-20 QLC vision clamping kits

1/4-20 QLC kits ideal for holding any type of part, ferrous and nonferrous.

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Each QLC is designed to fit your specific vision machine and is attached to the lower left hand corner.

When ordering please specify the make and model number of your vision machine.

A kit includes:

  • an acrylic base plate with 1/4-20 threaded holes 0.50" on center
  • a quick-load corner
  • one set of components (A)

To determine a part number for the desired kit:

  1. Choose a QLC frame to fit your vision machine.
  2. Choose a base plate type (multi-hole or multi-window) and size.
  3. Each kit includes component set A.
 multi-hole plateR&R multi-hole vision plate

MORE HOLES for attaching more components

multi-window platePV-W-13250250-10-4  web

MORE WINDOWS for optimal viewing of small parts

QLC-1 frameQLC 1
For vision machines SMALLER than 400mm x 400mm

Kit Part #Base Plate SizeSetPrice
QLC1-PV1-A-20 0.50" x 6" x 6" A $2,177
QLC1-PV2-A-20 0.50" x 10" x 10" A $2,302
Kit Part #Base Plate Size SetPrice
QLC1-PVW1-A-20 0.50" x 10" x 10" A $2,187
QLC1-PVW2-A-20 0.50" x 16" x 16" A $2,842
QLC-2 frameQLC-2
For vision machines LARGER than 450mm x 450mm
Kit Part #Base Plate SizeSetPrice
QLC2-PV1-A-20 0.50" x 10" x 10" A $2,522
Kit Part #Base Plate SizeSetPrice
QLC2-PVW1-A-20 0.50" x 10" x 10" A $2,407
QLC2-PVW2-A-20 0.50" x 16" x 16" A $3,062

Component set A

(53) 1/4-20 components

R&R 1/4-20 Vision Kit A 

QTYPart #Description
S-2550-20 0.25" dia. x 0.50" standoff * 
S-251-20 0.25" dia. x 1.0" standoff * 
3S-37525-200.375" dia. x 0.25" standoff *
3S-37550-200.375" dia. x 0.50" standoff
3S-37575-200.375" dia. x 0.75" standoff
3S-3751-200.375" dia. 1.0" standoff
3S-5050-200.50" dia. x 0.50" standoff
3S-5075-200.50" dia. x 0.75" standoff
2SP-2550-200.25" dia. x 0.50" pin standoff
2SP-37550-200.375" dia. x 0.50" pin standoff
1CSPS-751-200.75" dia. x 1" spring pusher standoff clamp
4CTT-160-125-201.6" tension clamp with coated soft tip, 1.25" post
4CWT-1-1-201.0" wire clamp with coated soft tip, 1.0" post
4CWT-2-2-202.0" wire clamp with coated soft tip, 2.0" post
1CP-201/4-20 pusher clamp
4RPS-20steel resting pin
1VC-33-203.25" x 3.25" corner viewer
1CVM-B-20micro vise clamp with base
AJ-50-20 0.50" dia. adjustable jack stand 
ASA-2-20 2.0" long adjustable acrylic slide 
AS-1-20 1.0" long adjustable slide 
TB-751-20 1/4-20 tower block with base 0.75" sq x 1.0" 
TC-500200 500mm x 200mm x 25mm component tray 
* does not have a threaded top

R&R 1/4-20 Vision fixture kits